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Photo: Maria Melin

About Me;

My education is in voice, dance and theatre, I have performed in many classical musical theatre shows, while presently I work more with solo performances.

With the theatre training it seemed natural to become a certified NYC tour guide,

and I have been a goodwill ambassador for visitors to this amazing city for many years.

My interest in the balance of body and mind, led me to energy medicine,

and as Reiki Master and Sound & Vibrational Practitioner I work with humans and animals alike, and my experience in planning concert programs which strive to build bridges.

My intuitive work helps me to get to know you a little in a short time,

and gives me tools to help you build the ceremony you want.

Lets make it a heartfelt poignant moment filled with laughter and tears of joy.

As a special experience, we can arrange a tour of New York, for your out of town guests with me as your guide. Let your guest experience the city you have chosen for your elopement.


Why book me?

What I strive to do is make your special day a personal and intimate moment, and I truly enjoy finding a little of your history, and write the ceremony around you, and for you.

I couldn't ask for a better job,

being in the midst of Love, and meeting you!

If you would like live music, I have musical colleagues who are ready to be booked. I have a great team of photographers to recommend, as well as other vendors.They are all really nice people, which reflects the harmony and heart I insist is very important for your day.

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